In accordance with the European directive on drivers’ working hours, our priority is to carry out our transfers adhering to the legal requirements concerning the well being of our drivers and passengers, pleas e see below the key points:

Legal daily driving hours

The length of time a driver is allowed to drive is set at 9 hours daily.

Legal working day hours
The legal length of time of a driver’s working day (from the moment they collect the vehicle to the time they return to the depot)is limited to 12 hours. This can be extended to 14 hours subject to a break during the day of at least 3 hours when the driver cannot drive the vehicle.

Legal length of driving time without a break
This is limited to 4h30 without a break during daytime and then reduced to 4h at night (21h00 to 05h00)

Obligatory breaks in driving time
A driving break of 45 minutes is strictly enforced by law after an uninterrupted period of driving of 04h30. Driving time is recorded on a taco graph linked to the vehicle’s motor to record driving time. Loss of professional licence and heavy fines can be enforced if this law is ignored.

Split Shifts
During long journeys, in the case of traffic delays and adverse weather conditions, it is possible to impose split shifts. This involves a handover from one driver to another in order to continue the journey with a rested driver whose driving hours are within the legal restrictions.